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Rare lenticular clouds spotted by amateur photographer Glenn Spencer, 42, in the sky above Chester in Cheshire. The formations, also known as wave clouds, were scattered over miles, producing a stunning spectacle. Rarely seen in the UK, lenticular clouds are formed when a tall geographic feature, such as the the top of a mountain, obstructs a strong wind.The interruption in airflow creates a wind wave pattern in the atmosphere on one side of the mountain and at the top of these waves, moisture in the air condenses and forms a cloud. As air moves down into the trough of these waves the water evaporates again, leaving behind clouds in a characteristic lenticular shape.

Photo credit: Glenn Spencer

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Ocean Dream  by Khoa Le

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Looks like my thoughts.
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Taj Mahal, 1985.
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I bet you could sometimes find all the mysteries of the universe in someone's hand.
— Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
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Ida (2013)
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Ballet School in Leningrad, 1965
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existential crisis 101

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do not read old emails, old texts, old logs, anything from someone you don’t interact with anymore.  take out the trash, delete it all, purge it from your life.  there’s no sense in keeping painful reminders no matter how fond they once were.  this clutter no longer serves you; it just takes up valuable space.


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The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942)

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voldemort rose to power in 1997. he destroyed all records of muggle borns. therefore, all muggle borns that would have been younger than 11 at the time of his takeover would never have gotten their letters because he’s an evil wizard and destroyed our records. the ministry is still in the process of finding all muggle borns.






If I had to define hope to someone, I would show them this post.

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Latest assignment completed! We had one week to illustrate any scene from the first chapter of Harry Potter (I almost had a heart attack from the excitement srsly). And because I love my Silhouette Cameo to death, I did papercuts of course.

Taking an illustration class in the midst of all of this GD thesis planning and job applications is really a breath of fresh air. I had so much fun with this one although the background I can’t do perspective for shit so I just made it warpy and whimsical gave me a lot of grief.

(via ptchew)

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Two layouts of 221B Baker Street by Ernest Short, published in the last issue of The Strand Magazine, March 1950.
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Klimt’s studio with the last paintings he was working on. Vienna.

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